True Elements Veg Protein Snack 350gm

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› 100% Natural.
› Consists of plant-based protein.
› Naturally gluten-free and vegan.
› Whole-grain certified.
› Energising snack filled with essential nutrients.

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While it often gets hard to carry a jar of peanut butter to fill up your protein requirement every now and then, you can carry a handful of these travel-friendly snack mixes for convenience and your protein portion control. True Elements Veg Protein Snack is a combination of snack mixes loaded with plant-based protein required for rebuilding your muscles and fulfilling your protein requirements. A small serving of each of this crunchy delight will not only complete your protein intake but will also provide you with the rich taste of 100% natural ingredients, blended with perfection to satiate your snack cravings by boosting the protein power of your body.

True Elements Protein Mix:

Our Protein Mix sets a higher value of health food for gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts. This product is specially curated for meeting the daily requirement of protein and boosting the overall health of the body. Extremely high in fibre which aids in digestion also, this product is natural with no additives.


Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Almonds, Soyanuts, Rock Salt, Natural Soy Lecithin.

True Elements Antioxidant Mix:

True Elements Antioxidant Seeds mix is an all in one crunchy delight for sudden snack cravings. Loaded with many health benefits and nutrients, these roasted seeds are a combination of seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds and goji berries. They not only increase the nutrient quantity but also makes it a delicious snack. Along with the addition of watermelon and chia seeds, Antioxidant Seeds provide additional health benefits, thus contributing to a longer and healthier life.


Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Chia Seeds, Dried Goji Berries, Natural Soy Lecithin.

True Elements Roasted Quinoa Mix, Spicy Masala:

True Elements Roasted Quinoa Mix comes with a mixture of natural elements in it, packed with protein, fibre and other vital nutrients required daily for the overall functioning of the body. Combined with whole grains and spices, this small pack can be your on-the-go snack partner, which will fill you up and not hinder with your health, thanks to the Superfood and nutritious quinoa in it.


Unpolished Whole Wheat Flakes, Quinoa Puff, Bhujia (Jowar, Cowpea, Bajra, Maize & Mix Pulses), Rolled Oats, Seasoning, Soyanut, Spicy Pumpkin, Oil, Dried Cranberries, Salt, Natural Soy Lecithin.

How to use:

You can consume these directly as a snack or can also add it to salads, smoothies, or any of your boring breakfast food to make it a tasty delight. Protein Mix is best to be consumed as a post-workout snack.

Storage Information:

Store it in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Best consumed within 6-7 days of opening the pack.

Allergen Information:

Contains Soy. Packed in a facility that also handles Tree Nuts and Cereals containing Gluten.

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